A perfect solution for our guests.

Customer talk
Conrad Geske

With direct access to the airport and located close to the business district, the Radisson Blu Airport Hotel in Hamburg is proud of the convenience it can offer its guests. Conrad Geske, the General Manager of the hotel shares his thoughts on adding a Wundermart shop to the hotel lobby.

‘It’s a real added benefit that saves costs and brings in revenue’ says Conrad, ‘The shop offers so much more than our mini bar service’. Guest satisfaction has gone up since the shop is open and it attracts more shoppers than his guests alone. ‘We have placed it in a perfect location near the entrance, so it is very visible. Even employees of nearby offices are coming in to grab a snack now’.

It makes the total solution super easy to operate.

Plug and play

Next to the shop’s design and assortment, Conrad is mostly impressed by the simplicity of the concept. ‘I like the ShopWizard app. It shows us what is and isn’t selling, and what our wastage is. It makes the total solution super easy to operate. And because you don’t have to train someone to look after it, everyone can do it’.

A no-brainer

‘It is super easy to use, it saves on costs, and it makes money’, says Conrad when asked why hotels should consider adding a Wundermart to their services. ‘Even though I was sceptical in the beginning, it is a perfect solution. It couldn’t be better to be honest. Go for it!’.

Turn lobby space into profit.

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