24/7 retail convenience.

Powered by the world’s smartest retail tech platform, our smart hotel shops give you and your guests lots of convenience. Limitless opening hours, contactless payment and fully autonomous ordering and deliveries.

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How it works.

Smart shop design

All shop designs are based on key hotel parameters. Routing, assortment and pricing are based on our best practice. Production of a shop takes 6 weeks, installation takes a day.

Automatic replenishment

Every transaction triggers a set of events that helps our software to run your shop automatically. This significantly improves results, while reducing the effort of your staff.

Real-time result tracking

All financial data of your shop is logged and visible in real time, anytime, through the shop owner dashboard. Giving you valuable insight into the daily performance of your shop.

Continuous optimisation

Our retail experts use insights from shopper data to remotely manage and improve key processes (set pricing, promotions, or add on product ranges) and maximise shop results.

Auto-magically operated by us.

Our logistical operation is coordinated through local Wundermart HUB's. An in-house warehouse, delivery and shopkeep solution. Where available HUB's increase speed of deliveries, create operational efficiency, improve shop keeping and appearance and reduce impact on hotel staff.

Transparent pricing model.

Shop set up

We will pass on the costs associated with the design, installation and first stock of your shop. On average this one-off investment is earned back within 6-12 months after opening.

Shop management

Shop management is handled by us. For a fixed fee you get access to our platform and experts, as well as frequent updates, reporting and trouble shooting in case of problems.

Shop results

The net result of your shop (excl. any operational costs and our fee) is passed on to the owner at the start of each month. On average shop owners make around 30-40% profit.

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