Referral programme
terms & conditions

These terms and conditions (as may be amended from time to time) apply to the raffle organized and promoted by Wundermart B.V., a private limited liability company, incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands and having its registered office at Spaklerweg 14 (B4), 1096BA Amsterdam, the Netherlands (“Wundermart”).

01. A referral is validated when the ‘Friend’ has opened a Wundermart shop that makes turnover and the ‘Referrer’ needs to be registered here. All referrals must be confirmed during the order process to be valid.

02. Referrer needs to be a partner of Wundermart and the referral bonus shall be settled through the shop P&L of the partner. For non partners, the referral bonus shall be settled through wire transfer to referrer.

03. The referral reward is €1000 for euro countries and £1000 for the UK.

04. The bonus will be settled within 3 months after the ‘friends’ Wundermart shops is making revenue.

05. Maximum of 5 referrals per ‘referrer’ or organization connected to the ‘referrer’.

06. Referral bonus may be subject to tax.

07. Referral must be confirmed by referee.

08. Employees and their families are excluded from this programme, unless agreed otherwise.

09. Wundermart is entitled to terminate or amend this programme at any time and for any reason without further notice or communication.

10. For referrers who are a partner of Wundermart, the bonus will be settled through the P&L of the partner. For referrers who are not a partner of Wundermart, the referrer warrants that the acceptance of the referral bonus is (i) not in violation of the gift policy to which the referrer may be subject, and (ii) at arm’s length and permitted by applicable (anti-bribery/corruption) laws.